Prepare Your Items

First off--please make sure your brands are accepted HERE

What We Are Not Accepting:
  • Car Seats more than 5 years old
  • Cribs
  • Crib bumpers
  • Un-assembled Items (consignors must assemble their items at or prior to Drop Off). 
  • Underwear (unless New-in-Package)
  • Clothing with any stains, odors, tears, missing buttons/snaps
  • Bedding Sets (nursery or kid)
  • Used Blankets (exception: hand-made quilts) NO RECEIVING BLANKETS
  • Shoes with scuffs or odors
  • Used bottles/nipples/pacifiers
  • Games without all the pieces
  • Stuffed animals (unless they walk or talk or are collectible). No Beanie Babies.
  • Promotional toys (e.g. Happy Meal type toys)
  • Inflatable toys (unless NEW)
  • Puzzles with pieces >24. We will no longer accept OPENED puzzles OVER 24 pieces. NEW IN BOX puzzles may have a higher count. Please ALWAYS count puzzle pieces. 

When preparing your items, please be mindful of the condition that you would want to find that same item in if you were considering purchasing it. The more time you put into making your items look perfect, the more money you will earn.
  • If your clothing items have been stored in boxes for some time, run them through a cool dryer with a damp sock to remove the wrinkles and make them more sell-able.  Downy Wrinkle Release spray is another good option.
  • Sneakers that are still in good shape, but have a few scuffs clean up nicely with a Magic Eraser sponge.  Try cutting one sponge into smaller pieces to get the most use out of it.
  • Wipe down toys with baby wipes or antibacterial wipes, and if necessary a quick wipe with a Q-tip helps get dirt out of small places.
  • Place any items you are grouping together into a ziplock bag and tape it shut.  Tape your tag to the outside of the bag.
All of these tips will help you make your items more appealing to buyers.  Better presented items will sell first, instead of being left to sell on discount day.

Pricing Guidelines

While the prices you set for your items are completely at your discretion, here are a few tips to help get all of your items sold. You can also check this Pricing Guideline, provided by

  • We recommend 25-30% of retail on most items.  Boutique and designer names may be priced higher, as well as items still with tags.
  • Remember, getting a few dollars for a shirt is still better than getting nothing for it, especially when you’ve got a lot of them!
  • It is very important to use the item description field to list the brand name of your item. This is very helpful in enabling us to replace a missing tag during the sale, and getting you paid for your item.
  • Price to sell!!  Your items will sell on full price days if they are reasonably priced, instead of being left to sell on 1/2 price day. If you do plan on allowing your items to go 1/2 price on Sunday, consider perhaps lowering your full price, even just by a dollar, to make it a great deal at full price.
  • Let your items go 1/2 price on Sunday.  It’s better to take home 1/2 price than to have to take back items to the closets you just cleaned out!! The goal, of course, is to sell your items on full price days, so again… price to sell!! Please note that our system will automatically mark for “discount” any items that you have marked for “donation”