Dropping your items off

Drop off appointments are a requirement for every consignor, other than valet consignors.

  • Please arrive promptly, with all of your items, at the sale location. Volunteers will be ready for you.
  • Your appointment will last anywhere from 15-45 minutes.
  • Please bring a printed inventory list with you along with a self addressed envelope if you are NOT planning on picking up your unsold items on Monday. If you forget your envelope--no worries, we will deduct $1 from your earnings and mail your check to you. Other payment options are paypal and Zelle.
  • If you plan to pick up your unsold items, please bring a large bin labeled with your consignor number on the side. We use consignor bins for organizing items during the sale and during sorting on Sunday.
  • Please help us keep the drop off running smoothly and have all your clothing items sorted by SIZE and GENDER. All items should be hung, snapped, zipped, tied, buttoned and tagged properly at time of Drop Off. Items will sell much quicker when hung properly.
  • Volunteers will inspect each item dropped off. Items not meeting Posh Kids standards will be turned away.
  • Please know that the lights in our facility are different than the lights in your home. Our lights bring out stains that you may not see at home. Please inspect your items out under the sun on a bright, sunny day before bringing them to the sale. We do not accept any items that are showing signs of wear, the must look in LIKE NEW Condition. These items will be returned to you at check-in. 
  • Items without Posh Kids Resale/Posh Tots Tags cannot not be sold by us, and therefore will not be accepted. 
  • Tags should be printed on the proper Cardstock. Tags printed on regular paper fall off easily, and lead to many items ending up in the lost and found.
  • Items can be pulled of the racks and shelves for poor and unsatisfactory quality at any time during the sale.
  • We do not accept any items without working batteries. If something requires a battery, please include it so that potential buyers can see that it works. We will return any non-working toys to you at check-in.

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